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Provocative, Controversial And Uncensored!

"We do not know. But they know. The stones know, and they remember.
Airships were flying. Came pouring a liquid fire. Came flashing.
The spark of life and death. By the might of spirit, stony masses ascended.
Scriptures guarded wise secrets. And again all is revealed..."

(N. Roerich (1874-1947)

No Obvious Clue To Their Purpose Has Ever Been Found
Apparently not all prehistoric massive stone boxes were used to keep human remains! However, no obvious clue to their purpose has ever been found. Could these large boxes have been used as containers to preferably keep unknown...
Mystery of The Very Ancient Tomb - part 1
Rather than going into the main entrance hall, he directed us back out the front gate and around to the side of the building. After passing down a series of long corridors and through several high-ceiling rooms, we finally found...
Mystery of The Very Ancient Tomb - part 2
The first planet from the Sun is Mercury, represented by materials burnt black from tremendous heat. The second box contained samples subjected to great atmospheric pressure. Was this a piece taken directly off an asteroid...
Mysterious Journeys To Invisible Worlds
Have you ever tried to find a place you remember only to discover it no longer exists? Time slips are a rare phenomena that occasionally do happen. How can time slips be triggered?
Lights Of Unknown Origin Circling Above The Mountain Top
"Certain areas on earth are more sacred than others, some on account of their situation, others because of their sparkling waters, and others because of the association or habitation of saintly people."
Are They Guardians From Parallel Realities?
It is about a fundamental truth of our existence. We have learned to live with it and we have accepted it. We know that we cannot be in two places at once. We often wish we could, but we...
What Were Their True Intentions?
They could see nothing in front of them that shouldn't have been there, but they hurriedly obeyed the instruction... The reason for the order being given to them was, that they were told there was an unmoving, unknown object in the clouds ahead..
They Knew And Told - It Wasn't A Coincidence
How can we explain strange stories like this one? Was it simply yet another remarkable coincidence? Are some coincidences meant to happen? You decide… We will never know, but we all we can say is that these are strange coincides...
Like The Lit End Of A Cigar
Many of them are reluctant to talk about the events and even refuse to visit the alleged spots. It is an area of beautiful redwood forests, steep canyons, mountain streams and lumber mills, the primary source of employment for local residents...
What Did People Observe That Day?
What did exactly people observe that day? The water seemed to be covered with "rust under the glow." Still, nothing like this was documented because no fall was reported. What was the strange object? What was its nature?

Mysterious City Lost In The Sands And Its Treasures
At the beginning, it was only an ancient legend. Later, the legend became a reality…. According to a very ancien legend, once upon a time, it was a flourishing place that had its great time.
For The First Time They Are Mentioned In Mesopotamia's Writings - part 1
For 4500 years, human life was controlled and even manipulated by them. Ever since ancient times, they have played a central role in the people's lives. For the first time, they were...
For The First Time They Are Mentioned In Mesopotamia's Writings - part 2
Even ordinary people were involved in the flourishing trade and soon Lydia became one of antiquity's most prosperous kingdoms. A constant stream of merchants from all the known world often visited...
For The First Time They Are Mentioned In Mesopotamia's Writings - part 3
During the 13th century, the Jews were driven from most of Europe and the last Templars executed or imprisoned. These two groups dominated for a long time and when they disappeared, it became impossible to change...
Centuries-Old Search For Them Never Ends - part 1
People wasted fortunes and risked their lives in pursuit of them. They have researched legends and tales of legendary pirates, studied ancient maps looking for some clues that could lead them, show the way ..
Centuries-Old Search For Them Never Ends - part 2
This particular region of marshes and mudflats was usually traversable at low tide but very dangerous riddled with quicksand, deeper channels and vulnerable to rapid movements of water with...
Centuries-Old Search For Them Never Ends - part 3
Not so long ago, we experienced a great plunder, the Nazi plunder... Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945) was one of the most feared men in Nazi Germany and Europe once World War Two broke out. But not only the war greatly occupied his...

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from Legendary Times

by Ellen Lloyd

Voices from Legendary Times
We Are a Bridge Between
Past and Future

Examines the link between lost civilizations, ancient cosmic catastrophes, and extraterrestrial visitations in prehistory.
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Secret Experiment With Time, Space And Thought Transmission
The stranger was on a top secret mission and his identity must not be revealed.
It was essential the experiment was conducted without any interference from the outside world. If they succeeded, for the first time in history of science, the possibility of two human brains being able to communicate at a distance could be proven beyond all possible doubt.
Time Gate To Other Dimensions
Who were the ancient architects capable to build complex underground societies? Was an alien technology involved in achievements clearly visible even today? Many very old records of all...
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